HOW Far? – Uppr Branding Agency | Lagos, Nigeria

HOW Far is simply ALL about the Creative Industry and the Creators Impact.

The Creative Industry is majorly Skill based and it comes with it’s Technicality. As much as we have a lot of good hands in this industry, only few understands the business of it and can make significant impact at the same time.

Different Creators from different parts of Africa will be on this platform to share their stories starting from the Path, Passion, Business and down to how they have made Impacts or the Impacts they plan to make.

Creators are major players in personal brands, organisations and companies today. HOW Far will open your eyes to opportunities and strategies on how you can Scale even as a Creator.

Do you want to build a Personal Brand, an Agency or a Full fleshed Company? Then HOW Far is your best Learning base. Register below to always have access to any of our interactive sessions with different Creators in the Industry

The world is embracing the efficacy of New Media and that to attract the humans on New Media you must embrace excellent Creative in different form of Content.

This Industry has come to stay and it is global. Leverage on this platform to shape Culture today.