Lagos Food Bank Initiative Website & Annual Report – Uppr Branding Agency | Lagos, Nigeria

About Lagos Food Bank Initiative(LFBI)

Lagos Food Bank is a non-profit, nutrition-focused initiative committed to fighting hunger, reducing food waste and solving the problem of malnutrition through targeted programs.
LFBI derives most of its organizational and manpower contributions from willing volunteers who show up week in, week out, to make their world a better place by being a part of a larger mission to eliminate hunger in the metropolitan city of Lagos.
This means that various areas of the organization were handled by various people at various times – and this included their brand communications and assets.


• Brand Audit
• Brand Positioning
• Brand Voice & Tone
• Evolving Design Requirements (Look & Feel)
• Website Redesign
• Annual Report Design from 2017 till date

We conducted an audit of the brand’s public presence; while there was a lot of positive equity associated with the brand as a result of its selfless service, there was a stark lack of cohesion in brand representation across touchpoints. The Brand’s Mission & Vision were clear, but there was no clear messaging strategy nor tone of voice
to represent LFBI.

We developed recommendations for all of these and proceeded to implement some on the website. For the key stakeholders who would engage the brand through the website, (volunteers & donors) we presented a tone of voice that is friendly, optimistic, and encourage them to focus on the positives of our mission – thereby motivating action by making everyone see the hero in themselves and the change that they can bring to the world

Website Redesign:

After thoroughly analyzing the former website, we came up with a list of objectives that a proper website had to fulfill for LFBI.
They Include:
– Showcase all our programs/events/outreach
– Make our achievements be seen at a glance
– Improve call-to-action for volunteer
community and volunteer registration
– Well organized donations page

Key Solutions Offered:

– A redesigned, intuitive user interface.
– The home page featuring a Slider showing LFBI’s impact and achievements over the years.
– Re-designed website structure for easy navigation.
– We delivered a website with effective social media integration – contributing to integrated brand communication efforts.
– The site also has video and photo gallery of their volunteers and community outreaches that would position the volunteering experience as something to look forward to.